Varmint Evictors in Big Rapids News


We were quoted along with other bat experts in this article about Bat Season from the Pioneer Newspaper in Big Rapids:

Experts offer advice on dealing with bats in homes, how to stay safe

Posted by Emily Grove-Davis on August 4th, 2016

BIG RAPIDS — While there haven’t been any reported Count Dracula sightings in the area, Big Rapids residents seem to have had some run-ins with his rumored furry friends.

The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety has received two calls within the last week from those seeking assistance with removing a bat from homes.

This time of the year it’s very common to see bats, explained Tim Snyder, owner of Varmint Evictors, located in Lakeview.

“Bats are born between May and June, so now they are teenagers,” Snyder said. “They are curious and will wander through a house, especially if you have fans pushing air around. A lot of times bats are in a room because people are sleeping with a fan on. The bats are just trying to find a shortcut out of the home.”

In the business for more than 20 years, Snyder said the first half of August is always a busy time for him.

“The first 15 days of August just seem to be the worst,” he chuckled.

And while a homeowner may want to believe a bat in their home is an accident or a bat hanging from the outside hasn’t found an entrance, that’s not typically true, Snyder said.

“Usually if a bat is in the house it’s not a fluke,” he said. “The bat is more than likely living with you. And if bats are roosting on the outside of the house, it’s just in survival mode because it’s cooler out there than indoors. Those bats can get in and probably are in your house.”