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Your property can be property to much more than just your family. Whether they’re in your basement, in your attic, beneath your floorboards, or behind your walls, wild critters of all kinds love to live in homes and businesses – and for many the same reasons we enjoy being in them, too.

Your sense of comfort and security, however, can be rudely interrupted by an uninvited guest from the wild. If you’re dealing with wildlife in your home, get the professional assistance you need to remove it from Varmint Evictors, Inc. Our Midland wildlife removal experts know how to safely handle and remove wild animals from structures – even the places that seem most inaccessible people.

We can work with a variety of small varmints, including the following:

If you think any of these animals are living in your home or business, don’t try to confront them on your own! Animals that feel cornered or in danger can attack out of self-defense, resulting in unnecessary injuries. Our Midland wildlife control experts can safely deal with these critters so that they won’t harm you or your family or be harmed themselves during the removal process.

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We Specialize in Bat Removal in Midland 

We can handle plenty of different species at Varmint Evictors, Inc., but we are particularly skillful when it comes to bat removal. Bats like to roost in places where it’s dark and accessible to the outdoors. This makes attics, crawlspaces, window shutters, and even the void between walls attractive prospects for a group of bats.

These animals get a pretty bad because of all the superstition and folklore that’s associated with them. While pretty much all of what you thought you knew about bats from scary movies and stories is probably untrue, the reality of living with them isn’t any less scary.

Bat droppings, often called “guano,” can contain a fungus whose spores are toxic to people. Once inhaled, these spores can cause severe respiratory infections in healthy adults, sometimes leading to hospitalization. For the very old, very young, or those with weak immune systems, infections from these spores can even be lethal.

There are also parasites that live on bats known as “bat bugs.” These are similar to bed bugs and can transfer from their winged hosts to humans once introduced into a property. While they aren’t known to transmit any diseases, bat bug bites do cause itching and swelling.

Lastly, you don’t want bats in your home in case any are carrying rabies. While this is rare, it’s not worth the risk to come into contact with any animal that may carry the rabies virus. Even without rabies, though, getting bit by a bat is no joke! That's why it's important you call our Midland bat control professionals.

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If you suspect there’s a wild animal somewhere in your home, our Midland wildlife control experts will perform an inspection. Once we discover where they’re hiding, we’ll proceed with a safe removal procedure that protects your home and family.

We never use chemicals or poisons that are dangerous to pets or people, so rest assured that our services won’t pose such a hazard to your home. We are licensed by the State of Michigan to work with wild animals, so we handle them humanely and according to the laws and regulations that govern our profession.

For more information about our services and what our wildlife removal experts in Midland can do for you, contact us online!


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