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Preventative Maintenance

Grand Rapids Preventative Maintenance for Nuisance Wildlife

Stopping Wildlife Problems Before They Start in Michigan

As a wildlife removal and control company serving Michigan homes and businesses since 1996, Varmint Evictors, Inc. has seen its fair share of nuisance animal problems, as well as the resulting damage from these infestations. Many of the animal removal and damage repair jobs we handle are the result of situations that could have been avoided, had the property owners taken proper precautionary measures.

While we specialize in the removal of all types of varmints, we like helping individuals stop wildlife nuisance problems before they start. Our Grand Rapids preventative maintenance specialists have a wealth of knowledge about steps you can be taking to avoid animal invasions.

Curious about ways to maintain a varmint-free property? Don’t hesitate to call (989) 268-7666 if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Grand Rapids wildlife technicians.

What You Can Do to Prevent Wildlife Issues

Although there is no way to make your property 100% protected from animal issues, there are a variety of steps you can take to minimize the chances of having a wildlife problem. Preventative maintenance centers on removing certain property conditions that make your home or business a likely target for animal invasion. Put simply, you will need to clean up and close off.

Since animals are typically drawn to human habitats because of food, the first essential step in preventing wildlife problems is to clean up any food sources. Animals also like invading properties to create a living space for themselves. They like to live where they can't be seen, which is why cleaning up any clutter is also essential to prevent animals from dwelling in your residence.

Besides cleaning up, you will also want to close off any access points. There are a variety of ways that animals can enter your home, including:

  • Ridge vents – A ridge vent is a vent that runs along the length of the peak of your roof. While this system is necessary to provide ventilation to your attic, they can sometimes warp and bend after years of sun exposure. This becomes an entry point for animals, especially for bats. Our techs are certified installers of Ridge-Guard, a solution that helps protect against this form of animal invasion.
  • Vents – Dryer vents and bathroom vents are common entry points for a number of small critters. Birds also like to set up nests inside them. Attic vents are commonly used by squirrels, raccoons, and bats to enter houses. The vent itself may need to be replaced if it is damaged and should be covered with mesh or hard wire to prevent animal access.
  • Foundation cracks – Cracks in your home’s foundation can be a way for rodents to enter your home. These should be sealed with caulk or concrete as soon as possible. Also, be sure your window wells are tight-fitting, and use caulk when appropriate.
  • Chimney caps – Chimney caps are designed to provide a defense against animal entry into your chimney. To ensure that squirrels, birds, and raccoons do not have access into your chimney, make sure that your chimney cap is properly fitted and in good condition.
  • Construction gaps – Sometimes, there is an opening located where two sections of the roof come together. Such gaps are normal but can serve as an access point for squirrels and bats. To prevent an animal invasion, you should seal these gaps with flashing, copper mesh, or hardware cloth. Caulk or expanding foam or alternative options for construction gaps that are not in visible locations.
  • Siding – If the siding on your home has begun to pull away or is unattached, animals may be granted access into your home. Raccoons are even known to grip the loose siding with their hands to rip it and create an access point. You should ensure that your siding is secure all around your house, paying particular attention to areas around attic vents and the corners of your home.

For top-quality preventative maintenance services for nuisance wildlife in Grand Rapids, turn to the professionals at Varmint Evictors, Inc.! We can help you put safeguards in place to keep the varmints out! Our experienced and friendly team is here to help you feel safer at home.

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