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Prevention & Management Tips

Bat Prevention & Management Tips in Grand Rapids

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If you are a homeowner in Grand Rapids trying to bat-proof your property, or perhaps you are someone who has suffered an infestation and are trying to make sure it never happens again, you need to know some key tips for bat prevention and management. Without this knowledge, it is possible for bats to return to their previous home, more resistant and numerous than before. Knowing how to prevent and manage bats is an essential part of being a homeowner in Michigan, which is known for its large populations of bats.

When it comes to keeping your Michigan home safe from bats and keeping these ecologically important creatures safe in the wild, you will definitely need to consult a certified bat expert. Much of the information posted on the internet about getting rid of bats on your own is often quite dangerous, risking both your own health and safety and that of the bats. You can trust our Grand Rapids bat prevention specialists at Varmint Evictors, Inc., who have won several awards at wildlife conservation conferences, to accurately provide you with the right information to manage any of your current or future bat issues.

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Excluding Bats

When it comes to removing bats from your property, the most effective method is that of exclusion. This process involves discovering any hole, tunnel, or opening that a bat could use to access your building. From this point, our Grand Rapids bat prevention team can install single-entrance doors at each of these openings. This allows bats to safely leave your home and return to the wild, but not re-enter the building.

Other Michigan companies’ elimination methods can hurt or even kill bats in the process, cruelly harming these protected species as well as leaving the unpleasant consequence of decaying corpses around your home. However, our method of exclusion has proven success in caring for your safety and the preservation of bats simultaneously, relocating them back in the habit they belong.

Preventing Bats After Exclusion

If you have just gotten rid of all bats, or are preemptively safeguarding your home from future infestations, you now need a way to keep bats out for good. Our Grand Rapids bat technicians take the next crucial step of sealing any possible points of entry into your Michigan home.

Other services our experts can offer in bat-proofing your Grand Rapids home include:

  • Repairing screens and vents that bats might fly into
  • Checking chimney caps where bats could enter
  • Sealing cracks and holes in your home’s foundation
  • Repairing soffit and fascia where bats may re-enter
  • Placing heavy netting in liable openings such as attic spaces, to prevent bats from entering and setting up residence

Relying on Professional Experts

Since bats can fit into small openings the size of a dime, it is especially important that you rely on the careful eye of a Grand Rapids bat specialist, who will not miss any potential re-entry spots. Trying to use gimmicks like high-frequency noise radios, chemical sprays, and mothballs is not only ineffective but expensive. Instead, trust our knowledgeable technicians at Varmint Evictors, Inc. to offer tips for long-lasting bat prevention and maintenance.

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