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Bat Diseases & Lifespan

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While we all know (or most of us, at any rate) that vampires are mythical beings, false information gathered from media or TV about bats has led many people to believe these creatures are incredibly harmful and carriers of the dreaded rabies disease. In reality, only a small percentage of bats carry rabies. That being said, if you notice an active bat in the daytime, or one that is unable to fly, this bat is more likely to carry rabies than other bats. Since the fraction of recent U.S. cases of rabies in humans has primarily been caused by bats, it is very important to be aware of the proper information to maintain the safety of your family, employees, visiting friends, and pets.

The problem is that although many people automatically assume that bats have rabies, they are unaware of the other diseases that bats, along with their waste products, can carry. It is crucial to have the right knowledge about the hazards of bat diseases and bat lifespans, so you know the extent of damage which can be caused by handling a bat on your own. Always call one of our professional Michigan bat removal specialists from Varmint Evictors, Inc. who can safely remove bats from your property.

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Health Hazards Caused by Bats

Many people associate bats as varmints that carry rabies. While this is certainly possible, there are other hazards you need to be aware of as well.

Some of the most common bat-associated health hazards besides rabies include:

  • Histoplasmosis – Caused by a fungus that affects both humans and animals, this disease is carried through airborne spores that have been contaminated from "guano" or bat droppings. When people or animals inhale the spores, which are especially numerous after a roost has been disturbed, they fall ill to a disease that often has symptoms like the flu. Though on many occasions, infections are mild, in some cases, histoplasmosis can lead to pneumonia, blood abnormalities, terrible fevers, and even death.
  • Parasites – Bat bugs are the most common type of parasite that cling to bats. Resembling bedbugs, these parasites can infiltrate your home, wreaking a lot of havoc. Usually, bat bugs are found in cracks where bats have roosted. Once bats have been removed, these bugs remain behind, and can turn to biting humans and animals since their original hosts have disappeared.

Lifecycle of Bats

In Michigan, the most common bats are called "Little Brown Bats." These bats usually roost in roof spaces and beneath shingles, ceilings, attics, and even behind siding or trim of barns and other buildings. While their name may sound cute, a Little Brown Bat colony often that starts off with a dozen family members can soon grow to several thousand bats in a short time, if they are left unattended. Moreover, these bats have lifespans of up to 31 years. These bats often cohabitate with Big Brown Bats, a species that can cause even more extensive property damage, in addition to risking the health of your family, employees, and pets.

Avoid the Risk

People most often contract these hazards of rabies and histoplasmosis not by simply having bats living in their home, but by directly coming into contact with the bats they are trying to remove. Without the expert knowledge of a Grand Rapids bat specialist, you are far more likely to be bit or scratched by trying to remove bats yourself. Turn to one of your certified Michigan technicians at Varmint Evictors, Inc. for safe removal.

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