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Spring & Fall Checks

Grand Rapids Spring & Fall Checks

Wildlife Control for All Seasons in Michigan

As a homeowner, you can expect to encounter nuisance wildlife problems, especially if you live in a more rural area, but there are ways you can prepare your property to stay wildlife-free. As the seasons change, animals may try to access your home for shelter and nourishment. Varmint Evictors, Inc. is here to help you with spring and fall checks in Grand Rapids and Central Michigan. We have over 24 years of experience helping home and business owners prevent, remove, and control animal issues.

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What to Do About Wildlife Issues in the Spring & Fall

Despite your best efforts to prevent animal problems, it is still possible for wildlife to take up residence in your home. If this is the case, you should contact our Grand Rapids animal control specialists for safe and effective removal services. We can help you remove the animals from your property and put safeguards in place to keep them from coming back.

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What Moves to Make When Temperatures Shift

When Things Heat Up

As the snow begins to melt, the flowers and trees start to bloom, and the smell of spring is in the air, your indulgence in the season might be interrupted by wildlife problems. During the spring, you may notice a lot of wild animals near your house, including bats, birds, raccoons, and squirrels, just to name a few. While these creatures can be truly amazing to watch, sometimes they overstep their boundaries, coming onto your property and even into your house, which can lead to significant problems.

There are several steps you can take to prevent wildlife issues in the spring, including:

  • Trim tree branches – It's important to trim branches a reasonable distance away from your house, as these can provide easy access for animals like squirrels onto your roof and into your attic.
  • Clean your gutters – Cleaning your gutters not only ensures that they will function properly, but will also eliminate locations where animals could potentially nest.
  • Patch holes – If the exterior of your home has any holes or damage, they should be patched to prevent animals from accessing your house through them.

When Things Turn Cold

As the cold sets in, animals will look for someplace warm to spend the winter. It’s important to have your house animal-proofed, so your home doesn’t become a residence for unwelcome guests. While there is no guaranteed solution to prevent a wildlife problem this fall, there are several actions you can take to prevent animal intrusion.

Tips for avoiding nuisance animal conflicts include:

  • Refrain from feeding wildlife
  • Cap your chimney
  • Cover basement window wells
  • Remove all outside food sources
  • Feed your pets inside your house
  • Stack firewood away from your home
  • Store garbage in a manner that doesn’t attract animals
  • Trim branches that are touching or hanging over the roof
  • Remove or modify bird feeders to ensure a clean area
  • Close off access around porches, sheds, and your home’s foundation
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