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Wildlife Home Inspections in Grand Rapids

Before creating an action plan for removing varmints infesting your property, we need to make sure what types of problems we will be encountering by making a thorough inspection of your house. Our certified Grand Rapids wildlife control experts offer detailed, comprehensive inspections on a frequent basis in order to make sure your home is completely free of any wild creatures or critters.

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Wildlife Deterrents & Barriers

Once we have determined the specific animal wreaking havoc on your home, it is clear what option must be taken. Exclusion is one of the safest and most humane ways of controlling animal life in your home. However, you may be wondering if there is a way to stop animals from entering your home in the first place. Using our wildlife deterrents is one of the most optimal ways to accomplish this goal. For example, deterrents such as galvanized screens and copper mesh covers for decks and porches will often keep unwanted creatures out. Our handy experts at Varmint Evictors, Inc. in Michigan also install roof vent covers, chimney caps, and exhaust covers, which can keep your house from becoming a local condo for curious critters.

From beginning to end, our Grand Rapids wildlife inspection includes:

  • Starting with an initial call, we ask detailed questions to figure out the preliminary issues wildlife are causing in your property.
  • Next, we visit your property to identify the exact damage that animals have caused on your property.
  • To figure out how varmints have entered your home, we then locate all entry spots, from holes to cracks. Our Grand Rapids wildlife control pros examine any vents and exhaust systems, attics, roofs, ceilings, external and interior walls, and siding.
  • If any damage or breaks have been done to the original furnishings or structures of your home, we record these signs of deterioration so they can be repaired.
  • Once the inspection is complete, our Michigan team will give you a detailed account of all the damage caused by the creatures living in your home. Then we will discuss with you the most optimum possibilities for control, removal, or exclusion. We will also make sure you know precisely how to prevent a return of these animals in the future.

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